• GeLMS Points and Rewarding System

    The GeLMS new built-in feature boost Motivation, Engagement, Attention Span, not saying about better participation and feedback. A new Points System retains students’ attention, entertains and engages them and at the same time teaches them. Make your courses more effective and more fun.

    Award points to students as they register, complete courses, pass quizzes and do other activities and allow them to redeem their points and unlock new courses. Just with a few clicks establish the point exchange form on your site and make a learning revolution.

  • How To Select The Ideal Corporate LMS For Your Employee Induction Online Training

    Getting new hires into the flow of your work-place is an essential corporate undertaking. How can you be sure you get it right, and that you have the proper software to do it?

    Nowadays, most corporate training sessions happen online. It costs a fraction of classroom-based courses and can be scaled affordably. In a curious twist, a self-paced study

  • LMS -Tips To Avoid Common Investment And Implementation Obstacles

    Finding the right LMS is tricky enough, given the vast array of options. But even after you choose an ideal plat­form, there are plenty of investment and implementation obstacles to avoid. This article can help you navi­gate the choppy waters and launch a successful online training program.

    Dilemmas Of Corporate LMS: How To Avoid Common Investment And Implementation Hindrances?

  • Ways To Quickly Assess The LMS Services and Corporate Training Providers

    With thousands of LMS on the market, and many claiming the same essential features, it’s easy to fall into analysis paralysis. How can you swiftly shortlist prospects and avoid costly purchase errors?

    How To Evaluate Corporate Training Solutions Providers And Find The Right Corporate LMS?