The Main advantage of SCORM is the compatibility it provides. If you want to integrate the content into GeLMS, SCORM allows you to make the integration in the simplest way. Thanks to it, you can use eLearning content from different sources and seamlessly integrate it with any learning management system and prepare it for further selling.

One of the greatest addons on GeLMS is the integration with Zoom which allow our clients to engage the students or the webinar audience and let them directly participate in the activities.

Improve Your Courses with Live Webinars

Thinking or planning to run webinars? Then connect Zoom service with GeLMS. Create and manage online meetings directly from your LMS. Use an activity where all your learners can participate simultaneously. It’s real-time, highly interactive, and very social.

Provide an opportunity for your potential students to try the first lessons of your course for free. For example, you will post a course and will open the first tutorial to the public for free. However, students that would like to continue watching your tutorials will not have access to your next tutorials until they buy it.

This a value-added feature can be added on-demand which will help to increase your revenue and provide advanced offers with the Course Bundles. The Benefits of Course Bundle Concept

One course bundle includes multiple products that can be sold at one price as a package, where the total price is usually discounted from the overall cost. A perfect way to boost sales!

This GeLMS addon to the system adds a powerful features to the system which will allow our clients of instructors to enhance the e-learning experience of students.

Benefits of Google Classroom Integrations

Manage your classes effectively

Integrating digital classrooms to your online workflow is beneficial for both students and faculty during emergency situations. This new interaction will allow instructors to speed up the transition to an online environment and provide resources that can be immediately use.

Online education is a growing field within the education industry. Online courses have become a popular way for people to advance in life or in their respective fields without needing to spend too much money.

Today all educational related entities, commercial or non-commercial businesses needs to have an online presence to provide its educational contents or services to its targeted clients.

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