This a value-added feature can be added on-demand which will help to increase your revenue and provide advanced offers with the Course Bundles. The Benefits of Course Bundle Concept

One course bundle includes multiple products that can be sold at one price as a package, where the total price is usually discounted from the overall cost. A perfect way to boost sales!

Increase order value

Selling several courses at a time means performing more functions. Encourage your customers to buy more products with bundle, and as a result increase your average order value, as well as overall sales and revenues.

Encourage cross-selling

Sell related courses, based on what is being bought already, and create advanced offers of more valuable service to students. Let them discover products they might like and provide additional benefit to websites users.

Use promotions wisely

The new feature increases efficiency and reduces marketing costs. Instead of promoting 5 items separately, you can market them as one course and one solution for different students’ purposes.