This GeLMS addon to the system adds a powerful features to the system which will allow our clients of instructors to enhance the e-learning experience of students.

Benefits of Google Classroom Integrations

Manage your classes effectively

Integrating digital classrooms to your online workflow is beneficial for both students and faculty during emergency situations. This new interaction will allow instructors to speed up the transition to an online environment and provide resources that can be immediately use.

Effortlessly switch to online mode

Our new addon allows you to import your classes from Google account to your GeLMS based website and manage your work remotely. This will help to structure and organize the process of distance learning and sharing of materials between teachers and students. With its help, every student will be able to enter directly to his class. Such a simple integration allows you to avoid possible mix-ups and make the transition to online smooth and easy.

Make teaching more productive

Being easy in exploitation the new functionality will not take much time for you to set it up. In the end, you will get a practical solution for the administration of your teaching activities in the digital mode.

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