GeLMS online quiz doesn’t differ from manual checking as you have the power to control and review every single answer of a particular student in the exact course. Use this as analysis and detect the gaps in the students' knowledge to encourage them to get the best results.

Question Bank is a simple way to make quizzes more convenient. It allows categorizing questions depending on the subject. Make quizzes more organized by grouping questions of a certain type.


Under the  GeLMS quiz and testing management system settings you can define the following settings according to the needs

  • Passing Grade Settings : set the minimum percentage for passing grade.
  • Randomize Questions : enable the automatic questions randomizer and display the questions randomly.
  • Quiz Results : automatically shows the results when the test completed.
  • Quiz Retake : enable the option that will allow the quiz taker to retake the quiz.
  • Correct Answers : enable the system to show the correct answers to the quiz taker after the test complete. 
  • Quiz Duration : this option define the quiz time and it will be closed and submitted when the time defined finished.
  • Questions Categories : this option enable the client to categorize the question bank into categories according to the subject or level.