The Main advantage of SCORM is the compatibility it provides. If you want to integrate the content into GeLMS, SCORM allows you to make the integration in the simplest way. Thanks to it, you can use eLearning content from different sources and seamlessly integrate it with any learning management system and prepare it for further selling.

Specifically, the SCORM Addon on our GeLMS allows you to upload courses just with one click. A simple tool that will reduce the amount of manual work for you and allow you to use familiar and comfortable software for course creation. Still, giving you the freedom to upload courses into LMS and market them on a professional platform.

You Definitely Need the SCORM Addon if:

  • You are using a third-party software to develop online course content.
  • You are creating a big number of learning objects.
  • You are designing content that might be reused.
  • You are using LMS to deliver and sell online courses.