This GeLMS addon to the system adds a powerful features to the system which will allow our clients of instructors to enhance the e-learning experience of students.

Benefits of Google Classroom Integrations

Manage your classes effectively

Integrating digital classrooms to your online workflow is beneficial for both students and faculty during emergency situations. This new interaction will allow instructors to speed up the transition to an online environment and provide resources that can be immediately use.

Provide an opportunity for your potential students to try the first lessons of your course for free. For example, you will post a course and will open the first tutorial to the public for free. However, students that would like to continue watching your tutorials will not have access to your next tutorials until they buy it.

The GeLMS new built-in feature boost Motivation, Engagement, Attention Span, not saying about better participation and feedback. A new Points System retains students’ attention, entertains and engages them and at the same time teaches them. Make your courses more effective and more fun.

Award points to students as they register, complete courses, pass quizzes and do other activities and allow them to redeem their points and unlock new courses. Just with a few clicks establish the point exchange form on your site and make a learning revolution.

You need vendor proposals to get the best value for money. But where do you even begin? This article features 8 steps to write a top-notch RFP for your new virtual classroom LMS.

Creating A Proposal For Virtual Classroom Software Vendors

I like to think of RFPs as an invitation. You welcome vendors to submit their proposals since they have all the information they need to draft a spot-on response. This simplifies the selection process for your team.

GeLMS online quiz doesn’t differ from manual checking as you have the power to control and review every single answer of a particular student in the exact course. Use this as analysis and detect the gaps in the students' knowledge to encourage them to get the best results.

Question Bank is a simple way to make quizzes more convenient. It allows categorizing questions depending on the subject. Make quizzes more organized by grouping questions of a certain type.

Learning tech brings everyone together and facilitates peer-based support without the risk. In this article, I highlight 8 reasons why you should consider virtual classroom software versus ILT.

Virtual classrooms give employees a safe space to get hands-on training from a distance. They don’t have to give up real-time support or one-on-one interactions because the LMS has all the collaborative tools they need to succeed. That is even if the coronavirus crisis derails your current ILT strategy.

Virtual Classroom Software Features You Can’t Omit

Synchronous training software lets you blend VILT sessions with on-the-spot support. But which features should you look for in your next virtual classroom LMS?

You need virtual classroom software that fosters remote collaboration and real-world application during social distancing. A platform that puts employees in charge of their own development and boosts accountability from afar. But how do your online training requirements translate into synchronous LMS selling points?

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